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We manufacture a wide range of overshoes of varied density. Find our full range of shoe covers by going on the "PRICE" page of our website.
Among CPE Paramedicum shoe covers:

- Shoe covers «Light» (2g) 

- Shoe covers «Standard 2,3» (2,3g) 

- Shoe covers «Standard 2,8» (2,8g)

- Shoe covers «Optima 3» (3,0g)

- Shoe covers «Optima 3,5» (3,5g)

- Shoe covers «Optima 4» (4g)

- Shoe covers «Density 4,5» (4,5g)

- Shoe covers «Density 5» (5g)

- Shoe covers «Density+ 6» (6g)

- Shoe covers «Density+ 7» (7g)

- various colors shoe covers (color of your choice)

We also manufacture custom items, matching to the specific needs of our customers (color, type of packaging,

density, CPE or PP material). For more information on our products, please contact our sales department.